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A story of light, spanning three decades


We are a Portuguese company that has been selling high-quality Philips lighting products since 1993.
The Solutions provided brings light and comfort to every space, enhancing each one and creating unique lighting experiences.
Our team is experienced and understands the needs of a wide range of industries.
We have efficient administrative and logistical processes, as well as a high stock capacity, which allow us to offer competitively priced solutions with fast delivery times.
Our company is certified in the ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety) quality standards, which guarantee that we use the most appropriate work methodologies.


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ILUMINA exists to provide lighting solutions tailored to each need, based on the following principles of action:

– Compliance with the law, collective regulatory instruments and applicable regulations;
– Respect for internationally recognized conventions and declarations;
– Principle of precaution;
– Recognition of the right of stakeholders to be heard and the organization’s duty to respond;
– Recognition and integration of environmental aspects;
– Risk control and direct and indirect aspects of the organization’s social responsibility in the ‘Integrated Management System’, taking into account the entire life cycle of its products.
– Prevention of pollution at the source.
– Transparent actions, sharing of information and open behavior;
– Taking responsibility for the organization’s actions and omissions and providing accountability for the conduct in response to the legitimate concerns of stakeholders;
– No regression, that is, not using the provisions of the Standards (NP EN ISO 9001:2015, NP EN ISO 14001:2015, NP ISO 45001:2019) as a basis for reducing the levels of performance already achieved by the organization;
– To promote management motivation as a vector of business innovation of a family-responsible company, and to provide its human capital, a significant stakeholder, with exceptional working conditions.


Our vision is to be recognized as a model organization through innovation focused on customer motivation management, our human capital, and our suppliers, without compromising the excellence of the commercial service we provide and the values we subscribe to.

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The ‘Integrated Management System’ is framed in the following company values:
– Absolute respect for legality, preservation of suitability and transparency throughout the business chain;
– Provision of the commercial service and technical support best suited to the client’s purposes, maintaining the largest stock available in the Iberian Peninsula and with cutting-edge products;
– Strict compliance with contractual commitments with employees, suppliers and customers, as a statement of competence and business ethics;
– Respect for the environment, for the preservation of natural resources and creation of conditions for sustainable development within the scope of ILUMINA;
– Promoting the health, safety and well-being of employees, as well as promoting the safety of suppliers and customers within the organization’s facilities;
– Contribute in its area of influence to the promotion of knowledge, behavior and attitudes aimed at optimizing the management of lighting resources from an environmentally positive perspective;
– Attracting, retaining, training and motivating human capital in a favorable environment for the use of both their technical skills and their capacities to contribute to the global innovation effort.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Organization assumes and fulfills its effective role as the main responsible for the quality and innovation of the service provided in terms of lighting solutions.
The Organization promotes aspects related to the Health and Safety of its employees at work, with environmental management and social responsibility, underlying the activity it develops, in the field of lamp and equipment sales.
The Organization promotes Motivational Management as a vector of business innovation, with the aim of being a Family Responsible Company and providing its Human Capital, a significant stakeholder, with exceptional working conditions, and by these recognized as perks.
The Organization promotes Motivational Management as a vector of business innovation by providing its Customers and Suppliers with very favorable conditions and recognized by them, in terms of Benefits and Advantages, respectively.
The Organization is a reference of dignity, modernity, competence, business ethics, and efficiency in the field of lighting.
The Organization has developed and maintains a Management System according to the corresponding normative references, based on a management policy guided by the concepts of ‘Innovation, Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at work and Social Responsibility’ that is structured and developed in continuous improvement, fulfilling all the obligations of compliance that are applicable to it in the various areas.

The Organization intends to:

– To present innovative products and behaviors with dynamic and unique solutions, aiming at offering trends of Lighting in advance to the market, to the benefit of the Customer;
– Promote the development of the commercial circuit of lamps and equipment that it places on the market, respecting and with the applicable compliance obligations, related to the activity, environmental, social, safety and health at work aspects and the needs and expectations of relevant interested parties;
– Promote the continuous improvement of the quality of commercial service, its environmental performance (focused on protecting the environment), its performance of social and motivational responsibility, and the culture of preventing accidents and damage to the health of stakeholders through maintenance healthy and safe working conditions and a commitment to eliminating hazards and reducing risks;
– Enhance the appreciation and involvement of stakeholders in the Organization’s activity, with a motivational management that galvanizes joint work towards commercial sustainability and quality of life in the workplace;
– Make stakeholders aware of the convenience of energy-efficient alternatives;
– Promoting a culture of innovation, through an environment conducive to the creativity, critical spirit and initiative of its employees, encouraging teamwork and universal mutual assistance;
– Make employees aware of the risks associated with their activities and individual obligations in terms of Quality, Environment, Social Responsibility and Occupational Safety, encouraging their involvement, consultation and participation in actions to improve the Integrated Management System.

This Policy is periodically reviewed in order to verify its adequacy and so that it serves as a framework for defining the objectives of the Integrated Management System.