Professional and Consumer Lighting

At Ilumina we have a wide range of lighting solutions, suitable for each project and lighting need.

Discover all the possibilities below and download the catalogs for detailed information.

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LED Lamps
and Tubes

. LED Tubes
. LED Spots
. LED HID Replacement
. LED Bulbs
. LED PL Lamps
. LED Capsules and Specials
. LED Candles and Lusters
. LED Strips

Conventional Lamps
and Tubes

. Halogen Lamps
. Fluorescent Lamps and Starters
. Compact Fluorescent Integrated Lamps
. Compact Fluorescent Non Integrated Lamps
. Compact High Intensity Discharge Lamps
. High Intensity Discharge Lamps
. Special Lamps
. Incandescent Lamps

Application Areas

Lighting products are designed to meet the specific needs of different spaces and activities.
In addition, it is important to consider energy efficiency, durability, ease of installation and maintenance.


These are some areas where you can find our lighting solutions.


and Industry

The proper combination between human needs and technology results in the creation of workspaces that enhance efficiency and optimize energy consumption.

It is this positive impact that you can obtain through our lighting solution.

and Hospitality

Lighting has a huge impact on the sensations it produces in customers, and can influence the perception of the quality of products or services offered, as well as the space itself.
Good lighting can convey a sense of comfort, welcome, and sophistication, while poor lighting can cause discomfort, eye strain, and a negative experience.

At Ilumina, we have a testing space that allows you to test and choose the best lighting option for each need.

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Public spaces play a vital role in improving the quality of life for communities. Lighting can transform these spaces into unique, safe, and inviting visual experiences.


With our lighting solutions, we can create vibrant outdoor urban spaces that promote tourism and economic development, while saving energy and reducing environmental impact.

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Beyond the functional aspects of each room in a home, lighting also serves to give personality to the space and influence the senses, creating an experience for those who inhabit it.


This challenge can be met through our range of lighting solutions and the technical advice provided by our team.

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Catalog Philips Lighting

Discover the full range of solutions available in the following catalogues.


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